June 4, 2006
Czech golden teams

In the Team's competition played 12 teams, where the Czech one had been the most succusefull in Skalica. They had won against Russian team in a very exciting final match, having the final result 12:11. In the battle for the bronz medals, Latvia defeated Slovakia ending up with the result 13:4.
The women's competition had been distinctively in the hands of Czech Republic, who easily defeated Latvia in the final match, with the result 7:2. Bronz medal took Hungary after winning over Slovakia.

June 4, 2006
Czech medal fiesta

28 players from 9 countries contested today for the European veteran title. Pavol Plesak from Czech republic had handled the role of favourite as the best and outplayed Alexander Zaytsev in five matches (4:1) in the final. Bronze medal got to other Russian – Alexander Kosyrev.
Together with veterans contested 25 players from 7 countries in Juniors´ Singles. There were more favourites and several of them strived for one of the medals. In a very balanced competition, at last, took pleasure of the victory Edgar Caics from Latvia, in the face of Czech couple – Lukáš Turoň and Michal Hvižď.

June 3, 2006
Russia golden Saturday

On Saturday morning at 8.00 started the program of the official competitions of EURO 2006. In the main competition of this championship 'OPEN-singles', 111 players from 17 countries had fought for the victory in each match.
Tournament's top favorit, Alexey Zakharov from Russia, had fullfilled all the anticipations and assumptions, and after 5th final match, already, against Lukas Turon (CZE), he could celebrate and take pleasure in winning the gold medal as well as the titul of the European Champion. The bronz medal went to Latvia thanking to Edgars Caicsa.
Also, the russian-czech final happened in the Ladies' Singles competition, where met against each other Alexandra Belavina and Marie Vargova. The gold medal for the russian player had been decided only after 7th final match! The bronz medal took Teraza Krausova from Czech Republic. In the competition played 18 women from 7 countries.

June 3, 2006
Slovak victory in Children competition

20 children under 13 years of age including from Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic and Slovakia met in the competition for achieving the titul of unofficial Europen champion.
Though it was only an exhibition tournament, the matches did not lack the verve and pleasure for the game.
The victory and joy from winning the gold medal and a brand new STIGA Hockey Game eventually belonged to Martin Vepy from Skalica after thrilling final match series, where he managed to defeat another Slovak player, Jan Sykora.
Bronz went to the hands of Gaspar Letay from Hungary as well as to Latvian girl Ilze Zuce-Tenca.

June 2, 2006
Latvian success in Sprint

109 players participated in the exhibition competition on this Championship - "SPRINT" which started before the opening ceremony. Gold and bronz went to Latvia thanking to Atis Silis and Edgars Mucenieksa. Only Janne Kokko from Finland managed to 'squeeze' between them, after loosing the final match by the "golden goal".

May 16, 2006
The official presentation of the medal collection for EURO 2006

The highlight of this season is approaching very fast. In few days, players from the whole Europe will meet and compete to win these medals. The specialty of this tournament will be that matches to win 3rd place in individual competitions will not be played. There will be bronze medal for the better semifinalists according to standing at final group. Other photos

May 15, 2006
Games for Euro

There will be used at least 70 games with suplaks at every game. The innovation will be special 'leg holders' on the games – an invention by Karol Hudec from Slovakia. These special holders are fastened on the table, and the game legs are inserted inside. It keeps the game steady on the table, and prevents it from any movement of game during the match. It’s very useful part of the games, which we (STHA) have been using over a season by now with very positive experience. Photos

May 3, 2006
Registration deadline for participation at Euro 2006

We are asking you to send us the list of players who will represent your country at EURO 2006 Championship. The deadline is 28th May 2006, 12:00 am, CEST. Please, include each player's year of birth and the competitions he/she has enrolled/registered for.
At the same time, we are kindly asking you to specify if your country will participate in the Team Competition (men, women).

May 1, 2006
Russian victory at Bratislava Open 2006

Ivan Zaharov - his way to the Final. He eliminated Tomas Hudec from Slovakia in quarterfinal.

Ivan Zaharov vs. Lukas Turon, or better saying "Russian and Czech table hockey schools", meet in the final of the World Table Hockey Tours tournament in Slovakia last Sunday.Russian junior won 3:2 (match score) and certainly draw attention of the whole Europe to the strenght of the Russian table hockey. Russian players will be considered beside the Czech ones as the strongest favorits at EURO 2006. Therefore, in Skalica, we will soon find out who is the best in Europe!

March 21, 2006
Czech national team before Euro 2006

Czech Republic nominates their best players for every competition of Euro 2006. It will be one of the most numerous and strongest teams of all. We will see, if they will be the best.

February 15, 2006
Schedule of Euro 2006 is known

The opening ceremony of Euro 2006 will starts on Friday June 2 at 19.00 and will last about 60 minutes. We are preparing rich and interesting program. Before it you can test Ice of Skalica during exhibition competition Sprint. The contest for the first of six sets of medals will start on Saturday 3rd of June at 8.00 a.m. The European Champion in Open - Singles we get know in the evening. You can see the complete program here.

February 11, 2006
Sprint on Euro 2006

Euro program will not be without Sprint as an exhibition competition. Men and women will have separate competitions, in which can take part every participant of at least one official competition of Euro 2006. Sprint consists of qualification and playoffs, where is only one match played.

December 12, 2005
World Table Hockey Tour 2005/2006

World Tour 05/06 has already passed and completed 4 tournaments out of 13 rounds in total. The importance of this competition grows even stronger as first 10 players from the overall ranking will directly qualify for EURO 2006 into Opens singles competition. This way one country can be represented by 20 players! Currently, among the best 10 players are 5 from Latvia, 3 from Finland and 2 players from Russia. >>>

November 21, 2005
Game music for Euro 2006

In 3rd round of Slovak Cup which took place on 19th November in Skalica has been introduced, in its premiere, the official game music which shall be used for Euro 2006. You may listen to the full version here.

June 22, 2005
STHA guarantees fabulous championship

For Slovak Table Hockey Association (STHA) it is both an honour and a pleasure to organize the top event of the table hockey season 2005/2006 in Europe. We work hard on creating the perfect conditions for anunforgettable festival of the table hockey, for a memorable ITHF Europen Championship 2006 in Skalica.
The most important fact for the STHA is the friendliness and helpfulness shown by the whole town Skalica.
STHA is able to organize a succesful ITHF European Championship 2006 and prepared to welcome the best european table hockey players on 2 nd - 4 th June 2006 in Skalica.

June 21, 2005
The 2006 European Championship will be held in Skalica

ITHF has recognized the strong will of the Slovakian Association to organize the European Championships (ECh) 2006 in Skalica, Slovakia on 2nd 4th June 2006. After some discussion (and getting known that the Slovakian Association guarantees the smooth and great process of the ECh) it was decided that ECh will be organized under the ITHF.